Why is PUBG India better than Garena Free Fire?

The battle royale game PUBG Mobile has quickly garnered a large following among mobile gaming players because of its accessibility and fun gameplay. PUBG has been a major topic of conversation all across the world since it was released in 2018.

However, it is extremely close to being on par with Garena Free Fire, which is its primary rival. Both Chicken Dinner and Booyah are examples of online “battle royale” games, in which players compete to see who can remain alive the longest.

You can play these games by yourself, with a companion in duo or squad mode, or with many pals simultaneously.

PUBG makes use of unreal engine

To begin, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds makes use of the Unreal Engine, which is a type of video game engine that is typically seen in high-end.

The smooth operation of the game is facilitated as a result of this change. In terms of graphics, Free Fire does not have a great deal of freedom, which may no longer be enticing to consumers of low-end devices.

The visuals that come with PUBG Mobile are superior

Although Free Fire’s graphics are superior to PUBG Mobile’s, there are a few key distinctions between the two games. The first one requires a smaller amount of memory and performs better on smartphones with lower-end hardware, while the second one requires a more powerful device and hardware with a higher end.

Even though both games: garena free fire & PUBG India are somewhat different from one another, the graphics on each of them are very good for handheld devices.

For example, Free Fire may be played on a mobile device with only 1 gigabyte of random access memory (RAM), whereas PUBG requires a mobile device with a CPU speed of at least 2 gigahertz (GHz).

Both of these games offer a great experience for players, but if you have a high-end smartphone, your best chance is to play PUBG Mobile. When compared to those of PUBG Mobile, the graphics in Free Fire aren’t quite as impressive.

Both of these games have specific hardware requirements in order to operate properly. Additionally, rendering the images in Free Fire takes significantly more time. Free Fire is not the ideal option for those looking for a game that can be completed in a short amount of time.

PUBG Mobile has more realistic visual of real life

The game more closely resembles real life in both appearance and gameplay. When compared to Free Fire, PUBG Mobile’s graphics are more faithful to the appearance of the actual world, while Free Fire’s characters and pets have a more cartoonish appearance.

In both of these games, you have the ability to increase your odds of surviving by driving cars throughout the different maps. Free Fire is lighter, and because of this, it creates more noise, which makes it easier to navigate across the map.

PUBG Mobile has better graphics to add in game

PUBG Mobile has a superior graphics engine to its competitors. In comparison, Free Fire only supports up to 50 players at once, whereas this one allows for 100.

Some people prefer the quicker speed of Free Fire, while others prefer the lengthier play time of PUBG due to the larger number of players involved.

Additionally, both the maps and the game styles in PUBG Mobile are scaled down. When compared to Free Fire, PUBG Mobile’s graphics are more vivid, and the gameplay is more refined.

In what different ways PUBG Mobile can be played?

In PUBG Mobile, the primary types of game modes are split up into two categories. They go by the names “Arcade” and “Classic,” respectively. Free play is available for either of these two choices.

Because there are multiple game modes in PUBG Mobile, you can choose to compete against your friends or against complete strangers. If you want to enjoy the game without having to worry about other people, you can select the Solo mode from the menu.

In the game’s Classic mode, there are 100 players total, and they compete against one another across a variety of levels. This is the original way to play PUBG Mobile, and it allows you to play with a variety of teams on a variety of maps. There will be a break of around 25 to 30 minutes between each game.

You can compete against your friends or against individuals you don’t know if you want to play in the Arcade mode. You will need to make use of the weapons in a variety of ways and adjust the level of sensitivity they have.

You won’t lose any points, either, if you choose to defend yourself by hiding in a building or by killing another player.


To end with the discussion, among the both games: garena free fire & PUBG India, PUBG is definitely winning the hearts of gaming lovers with realistic feel. You should download it now and play is with fun.



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