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Why you love Dog ID Tags 

Pet ID tags are a great way to make an aesthetic appeal and a fashion statement when it comes to the outward look of a pet. Besides giving your pet a distinguished look, dog ID tags can be used for many reasons like naming and tracking your dog. 

Many types of ID tags are designed for all types of pets. Some ID tags are only created for the sole purpose of naming your pet while other ID tags may serve a better cause like keeping track of the whereabouts of your pet. These types of ID tags are very helpful if your dog goes missing or wants to go about in the neighborhood alone.

If you are also planning to buy your pet an ID tag, these are the things to consider when choosing the best fit for you and your pet. 


Pet supplies and equipment need to be durable as they have to withstand long walks, rigorous friction on the ground, and being chewed on. Dog ID tags should be made up of durable material to last for a long period of time. 

Engraving Space 

Pet ID tags usually have space for certain engraving like name of the pet and address of the owner. However, it is mainly up to you if you want to include other information on the ID tags as well. If your dog or pet has a special condition or is allergic to something, mentioning that on the collar ID tag would be a wise decision. 

Style Statement 

There are many types and designs of collar ID tags that you can choose from. The main thing to consider when buying a collar and an ID tag is to closely look into the routine of your dog. If your dog has an active lifestyle and frequently goes out for physical activities like swimming, a collar of slide-on type would be the best fit. 


Some dog ID tags are more costly than others because of the material used in them, their durability and of course their design. Like every other thing in the world is designed by expert designers of that particular product, ID tags are also created by designers which are dedicated to create thoughtful designs by keeping the need and safety of the pet in mind. 


Though the durability and cost of the dog ID tag is very important, but if you were to select a design that you don’t like then it would be a waste after some time. It is very important to select an ID tag which suits the personality of the dog as well as the owner. You can choose any type of design you like or customize the color of the ID tag according to your taste. 

Digital Tags 

Smart tags are also available in the market that can give you a GPS tracker with the ID tags. This will help you keep track of the engagements and whereabouts of your pet in case your pet likes to roam about places. 

Consider these things when you are buying dog ID tags the next time and don’t forget to opt for a durable one because soon everything will be chewed on by your pooch. 

Also, just make sure that dog boots are also as important as dog tag ID to safeguard your dog paws.


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