World Pasta Day Is Almost Here. Know Some Amazing Facts

As pasta has become the most popular food ingredient all around the world; food experts and lovers demanded to have a day celebrated to honor this special Italian ingredient. This is one of a kind food that is loved and eaten not only by children and teens but also senior citizens.

When Celebration Of This Day Began?

It was the year 1995 when the world pasta organization decided to celebrate alongside the world pasta congress. The members of the organization decided to celebrate the world pasta day on 25th October. This year the world pasta day will be celebrating its Silver Jubilee celebration.

Why Is World Pasta Day Celebrated?

According to a few individuals, there is no use of celebrating this day as it has no importance in our lives. But they are wrong as many health benefits of pasta and especially spaghetti Alla Chitarra are there that make it a global cuisine ingredient.

Not Just Eating Pasta

Whenever a special day is celebrated the main focus item is in abundance. On the world pasta day, it is not all about eating and consuming the product; but also other special things and facts related to it; like the history of pasta.

Honoring The Pasta Makers

The famous manufacturers of pasta and popular chefs of the past are honored. The wide varieties of pasta are displayed for the common people to see; who have just known only a few kinds and shapes of pasta.

Chefs Making Their Signature Dishes

There are stalls on which chefs are seen creating their popular and signature dishes. This is a very good opportunity for everyone to have a look at the right way to cook their favorite pasta. Also, know how pasta was and is still made the traditional way.

The National Pasta Day

The world pasta day is celebrated all around the world on 25th October, but in Italy, it is locally observed on 17th October. On this day, all the dishes have pasta as the main ingredient.

Fun Facts About Pasta

When you are attending either national or world pasta day; you have to know some facts so that at the festival someone who asks you about them, you don’t get confused. These are some fun but important facts to know.

How Much Italians Eat Pasta?

A single person in Italy consumes about 60 pounds of pasta every year. Don’t be too surprised because pasta is the staple food of Italy and is eaten almost every day. If you wish to get the same quality, then order from shops, including Sogno Toscano.

Three Forms Of Pasta

There are three famous kinds of shapes given to pasta; one is macaroni, which is narrow, long, and tube-like. Penne is the pasta that is cylindrical and has diagonal cuts at the end. The third is the longest type of pasta called spaghetti.

Surprising Shapes Available

In Italy alone there are surprisingly 350 types of pasta produced and 250 in another country in the world. Making this a total of 600 types of pasta, including all shapes and sizes. During the world pasta day, all 600 varieties are displayed.

It is very Ancient In Origin

Many people thought that pasta was brought to Italy from China by Marco Polo. But it is not true as Macaroni was being used in Italy when Marco Polo had not yet returned. In the early 1st Century AD flour and water were mixed to make dough for various kinds of pasta.

Comparing Dry Vs. Fresh Pasta

It has been noted that both dry and fresh pasta has almost the same qualities. The only difference is in how they taste because they are made in very different ways. Both fresh and dried pasta is made with the same ingredients, but the egg is added in the fresh version.

Is Spaghetti Alla Chitarra Popular?

The popular Spaghetti Alla Chitarra is a special one because the structure of this pasta is different. The other kinds of spaghetti are round in shape, but this one has a square cross-section. This is especially hands made on an instrument representing a guitar.

What Are The Traditions Developing On World Pasta Day?

This year because of the Coronavirus, the trends for eating have changed and people are changing their lifestyle to healthy eating.

Eating Pasta The Traditional Way

The traditional way of eating pasta is by cooking with all-natural and local products. Also, using the conventional way of preparing different kinds of pasta and cooking most simply.

Pasta Coexists With Vegetables

Vegetables are a very good source of antioxidants that have positive effects on the development of the body. So using as many vegetables as possible is important.

Pasta Made With Distinct Flours

In the past, pasta was made with only one type of flour that was available at that time. But now there are more varieties of flours that have come from around the world that have great health benefits.

Consuming With Healthy Options

Spaghetti Alla Chitarra and all other kinds of pasta types can be consumed with all kinds of healthy ingredients. It is important to know which products are fresh and authentic, and that can be possible if you visit the world pasta day coming on 25th October.


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