Yearly Women’s Health Checkups

There are a lot of health issues that only affect women. Due to the fact that they have to contend with a monthly menstrual cycle, their bodies are prone to fluctuations on a daily basis. It’s important for them to take good care of their health and properly monitor the changes that occur in their bodies. Thankfully, there are ways for all women to have access to health examinations provided by trained medical professionals. There are nurses, doctors and other medical personnel that are specially trained to provide care to women for their specific health issues.

All Women Have Access

Thanks to the advent of free women’s clinic Iowa, healthcare that is specific to women is accessible to all women. Throughout history, a lack of money has unfairly resulted in poor medical care and services being provided to many people. After all, like food and water, access to competent medical professionals and good medication is a necessity for people to lead a healthy and livable life. Thankfully, these free clinics offer a variety of services to women free of charge.

The Services Offered

One of the major reasons why women getting regular health checks is so important is the fact that many of the services provided at women’s health clinics are used to detect cancer. Women can suffer from any type of cancer, just like anybody else. However, it’s a known fact that breast cancer is one of the most common cancers among women.

This is why it’s so important that one of the common medical exams women can receive at women’s clinics is a breast exam. A simple breast exam where a medical professional examines the breasts for any peculiar lumps with their hands is the first step to discovering any breast anomalies that could be a cause for concern. If they find something they think should be investigated further, they can refer you to a specialist who can then perform a mammogram and check your breasts for cancerous masses. Some women’s health clinics even provide this service themselves as well.

Women’s clinics also provide yearly pap smear exams. These exams can be used to detect ovarian cancer, which is another cancer that can affect women. Although it can be scary thinking about the possibility of cancer being discovered within your body, it’s important to note that the faster a cancer is discovered the more treatable it is and the more likely you are to survive for a longer period of time.

If cancer isn’t discovered for a long time, it has time to wreak havoc on your body. Cancerous cells reproduce relentlessly, become large tumors and spread to other areas of your body. The bigger a tumor becomes the more dangerous it is and the more likely surgery will be required to remove it, along with other cancer treatments. Plus, once cancer spreads to other parts of your body it becomes much harder to contain.

Getting regular checkups at women’s health clinics is an easy way for women to monitor.


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